How to save yourself from depression?

How to save yourself from depression

Depression is the biggest reason of many dieseases and health calamities. If you want to stay healthy by any means then you need to make sure that you give your body and brain a healthy routine for which you can do several things that we will discuss today. When a person is in depression, then he can do many mistakes such as behaving badly with his people surronding him or going into exilation mode. Well, we all know harmness of depression but the quertion is, how we can make ourselves free from it? Don’t worry! we have a ton of tips today for you. Have a look:

Do workout

Workout can really help you to stay fresh and avoid depression. When you walk or run or do any kind of exercise, then your blood circulation improves. This helps you to stay away from depression, there is a old famous phrase that my father told me and that is; “For fresh brain, you need fresh body”. And I agree 100%.

Eat your favorite food

There are few things that always make you happy. Let’s say that you love pizza, and eating pizza always makes you happy. So when you feel that you are in depression mode, then have your favorite food. Also take your favorite beverages and it would be more good to have a company of your favorite friends.

Listen songs that you love the most

Listening songs can be good for you to recover from depression. But I suggest you to not listen depressive or sad songs that may lead you to have more depression. It would be more good to listen a spritual song. Nowadays, mobile devices are very common, if you have iOS or Android phone, then you can use these best free music downloader apps for Android .

Make proper routine

Proper routine is a must need in today’s busy and tough life. You should make sure that you make a proper lifestyle for yourself. The basic reason why people get depressed is because of workload, but when you will manage everything correctly and everything will look under control, then surely you will feel happy and will stay calm.

Don’t work in mid-nights

People tend to work in mid-nights, that is not a good practice. Taking proper rest is a basic demand of your body and rightfully so. You first force your body to work hard in the whole day and then when night comes and your body expects rest from you, then it would not be a good idea to force it again to do more work.

Have proper diet

Healthy diet is the biggest piller of a healthy man’s lifestyle. People, especially when they have a tough routine, don’t bother about having good food, this leads them to dehydration thus they become tired and situation becomes more worse when they still force their body to do more work.

Take Proper Sleep

Taking proper rest is compulsory, your body needs it. Normally people who suffer from depression don’t take proper sleep. Take 6 hours of sleep in a day at-least. If you have immense amount of work, then still talk to yourself that you can do rest of the work tomorrow and take four-hours of sleep and then wake-up and do some work. Schedule your work like this, take 4 hours of sleep and then do work for 2 hours, and then sleep again(this type of schedule is only recommended for those days when you have immense amount of workload).

The Correct Way to Use a Face Roller

Face rollers

The terms facial fillers, dermal fillers, facial rollers are quite common for all those who are very beauty conscious or care for their skin quite closely. But what is a facial roller anyway?

Well, it is a roller which consists of small pins in it just the ways the needles in acupuncture might be arranged. It is then used to criss-cross or change the bigger spreading blood vessels of the skin of the face to have changes. Hence the name, face roller.

These face rollers are extremely common now but it is essential to use it in the most correct way. The first step to this involves choosing the right roller which can be done by the following.

Choose The Best Needle Size

There are many different needles from 0.25 mm to 3 mm. The bigger the needle, greater is the pain and bleeding. Therefore, you should use the minimal possible size for them. You can use both blunt cannula and face rollers.

On the other hand, the smallest needle will not have much collagen growth too, so choosing an intermediate needle and also the one which is specific for that treatment (fine lines, scarring, hyper-pigmentation) is important.

Choose The Best Time

You should keep in mind that the greater the needle size, the lesser you should use it.

For example, a 0.25mm needle can be used daily but a 0.5mm pin should only be used once in seven to nine days. Hence you should keep in mind this factor as well. A 0.75 or 1.0 mm needle should only be used if the skin can tolerate multiple treatments.

In order to reduce those wrinkles, lines and other problems you should use a face roller very carefully by choosing the highest quality roller that you come across. You should follow these given steps for maintenance:

Handle It Well

It is important to handle the roller well so it doesn’t break by covering it with clear covers while changing the roller head

Remove The Cover

You should remove the safety cover by pushing the top and bottom, attaching the handle and then pulling out the clear plastic cover.

Change The Roller Head

While changing the head, you should keep the cover on, press the right and left side, and gently pull out the head. Next push in the other roller into the head and change it.

How to Use a Face Roller?

The steps for using it include the following:

Firstly, pick the face roller and attach it for use after sterilizing it for one minute to prevent infection through a denture tablet.

Secondly, wash your face with a cleanser or alcohol to remove any oils or dirt so it doesn’t go further in your skin while rolling.

Thirdly apply a numbing cream and use gentle pressure to roll it back and forth diagonally, vertically and horizontally 2 to 4 times while pulling the skin lightly. Do not make any random moves.

Wash your face of all the blood and lastly sterilize your face roller again. That’s it!

Hence, now you know how to use a face roller correctly and you can use it safely to meet all your beauty needs.

5 Must eat fruits for fresh skin

5 Must have fruits daily

How many of you have suffered from applying cosmetic products on your skin? Nearly every product has a side-effect, I have seen some cases where the patient used some sort of cosmetic product or injection to get rid of wrinkles and get his self cured from it, but got affected from a side effect like red spots appearing on the skin or skin area becoming darkened.

If you want yourself to protected from skin diseases and want to never use any such cosmetic products, then you need to provide your skin the required nutrients and natural juices by taking healthy diet. Here are 5 fruits that you should take in routine to get fresh and glowing skin.


One of the most important vitamins for your skin is Vitamin C and Kiwi is full of it. It is even richer in vitamin C than oranges. Each 100 gms of kiwi has more or less 98mg of vitamin C which is indeed a big amount. Vitamin C also improve your immune system which helps your body to fight germs and removing dead skin cells from your body hence you look fresh and young.


You would have seen many papaya extracts in form of facial peels, cleansers and soaps, there are also many papaya lotions available in the market. But you don’t need t use any of those chemicalized products when you can use the natural goodness of papaya. You should eat papaya daily or mash it and make a paste and apply it to your skin.


Pineapple has a lot of bromelain, it is an anti inflamatory enzyme.Many cosmetic surgeons use artificial bromelain to cure skin problems, but when you have a rich natural source of bromelain in shape of pineapple, then you don’t need to take unnatural actions that can have side-effects. You should use pineapple juice daily or grind it with milk and apply the pineapple cream on your face.


Strawberries have a lot of vitamin C, apart from it, strawberries also have alpha hydroxyl acid which is also known as salicylic acid. This acid helps you to get beautiful skin, salicylic acid also helps to treat acne and dead skin. It can also stop pores and pimples from appearing.

Strawberries can also prevent collagen loss because of ellagic acid that it contains in a good amount. This can save your skin from wrinkles and dark spots. You can get glowing skin by eating strawberries daily.


Bananas are one of those fruits that are available in all seasons. They are very rich in Vitamin A, B and E which work as an anti ageing agent and empower your skin cells. You can take 6 bananas and put 20 table spoon of milk into a grinder, now add bananas and grind them until you see them evolved into cream. Don’t put more milk than 20tbs otherwise it will become a banana shake instead of banana cream.

Now apply this cream on your face and wait for 30 minutes, you can also use banana shake daily. Bananas have great amount of fiber, magnesium and potassium. You can also eat bananas without any thing else, since it is a fruit that you can eat anywhere, even in your office, you must use it as much as you can in your daily diet.

5 Physical workouts you need to do for fresh mind

5 Physical workouts you need to do for fresh mind

If you are physically fit then there are higher chances of you being more mentally fit, if you have fine mentality and calm behaviour then there are higher chances of you having a much more healthier skin then others. According to a survey people who get lesser depression and work load are find to have much more fairer and flawless skin. But what makes you depressed? Poor blood flow in between your blood veins.

To make everything normal and healthy and for better health of your heart you need better blood circulation. When you have poor blood circulation you start getting red spots and black spots on your skin, because some times when there is enough amount of fats inside your veins, then red cells tend to stuck somewhere therefore they gather up and appears on your skin in shape of red or dark spots.

In order to stop this from happening you need to do proper workout daily, like having few push-ups and sit-ups. let’s start finding those cost free exercising tips that you can follow at your home.


Start swimming today, when you swim every muscle of your body comes into action and that is what you need.When you through yourself into water, your skin get natural moisture from water this is why when you come out after having bath your skin starts glowing.

As you know every natural remedy has its own benefits, as water is a natural resource, you always get natural skin treatment when you jump into it your take bath. Drinking water in a decent amount daily also helps to make your skin and muscles fresh, your stamina is also increased.


Start doing sit-ups daily in the morning. You can start from 10 and keep increasing the amount, target 100 in the first month. Also do sit-ups before sleeping if you can, try to do 10 in morning and 10 before sleeping. If you can do sit-ups in afternoon, then it will also give you some extra strength and will improve your blood supply.


This is a routine excercise that we do daily, but some of us even tend to use cars or motorcycles even when going to nearby places. When this happens, the strength is compromised which you normally earn from walking. Try to walk as much as you can, doing a morning walk would be a great option for you.


Do push up daily, I normally recommend my patients to do at-least 4 or 5 sets of push-ups — each set having 10 push-ups. You can do 2 sets of push-ups in morning, one in afternoon before having lunch and do two more sets in night before having your dinner.

Go to Gym

You can also go to gym to get muscles, this will help you to loose fats because you will get so much sweat during your gym workout. Also take help of a personal trainer, getting his personal advice to lose bad fats in your body can also help you. You should also be very careful about your diet.

Everything You Need to Know About Juvederm Dermal Fillers

Everything You Need to Know About Juvederm Dermal Fillers

In my previous article, I urge you guys to buy dermal fillers if any skin care treatment is not working for you. Today I have gathered some relevant information for you guys about dermal fillers that will clarify few things for you. So please read this article and share your thoughts by posting a comment. You can also send me an email by using our content form page.

When one is talking about dermal fillers particularly voluma fillers, the thought to buy Juvederm Voluma comes to your mind since they have been reputedly the best voluma fillers till date.

Hence we have a perfect guide for you so that you know everything about them before you go to buy Juvederm Voluma filler for yourself.

What is Juvederm?

Juvederm is an HA (Hyaluronic Acid) latest dermal filler name and is used to add volume to the skin. HA is normally found naturally within the human body hence this is created in a lab and added to the skin in contrast to other collagen fillers.

How Many Types Does It Have?

They have three variants for each category namely:

  • Juvederm Ultra
  • It is used to cater to the contouring and adding volume treatments to facial wrinkles, etc.
  • Juvederm Ulta Plus
  • It is a more effective variant for much deeper dark circles, and other folds for treatment.
  • Juvederm Voluma
  • It is a two-year formula developed for adding volume to cheeks to do away with the aging.

Where Can They Be Used?

They are used for crow’s feet lines, forehead lines, dark circles, mouth and lip lines and such other folds.

Prerequisites for Juvederm

You are supposed to stop taking any anti-inflammatory medicines like aspirin at least two to three days before you go for its application.

Also, you should not have any make-up applied at the time you are receiving the treatment.

The Science Behind Juvederm

HA is a sugar compound that is also found naturally in the human skin which provides moisture and nutrients for better volumized skin and appearance. When one ages, this process is very minimal hence HA is injected into the skin and it produces the desired volume as well as appearance for the skin.

Results, Effects, And Maintenance

You should not massage the treated area for a few days and ensure minimal touching (besides routine make-up) in that area as well. They are also supposed to avoid heat, cold and under the sun exposure for a few weeks while the results are already effective as soon as the treatment is done. Since this is a gel formula hence it is absorbed over greater time to give lasting results than any other fillers. Follow up treatments are hardly required though after the specified time; injections as re-treatment is optional for continued results.


Q. Do I need pre-treatment testing?

A. No, because this is not like any other collagen made filler but has HA which already occurs in the skin naturally.

Q. Why is it different from Restylane?

A. This is because Juvederm has more concentration of HA than Restylane and according to experts they are smoother and more lasting than the latter.

Q. What are the side effects?

A. There are no adverse effects like allergies but there might be redness or swelling due to the injection.

Hence you are now completely aware of the Juvederm Voluma filler and can use it for maximum results.

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Useful tips to make your skin fairer

Useful skin fairing tips

Nowadays many people complain about red spots on their skin, this happens because of their tough routine. People are so busy in their daily life work that they put so much extra pressure on their selves that they ultimately led their selves to depression which causes unnatural changes in their blood pressure due to which red spots appear on their skin, pimples also appear because of the same reason.

There are two major reasons behind red spots and pimples:

  • Depression
  • Unhealthy daily routine

As a human you need to give your body proper rest, so it can gather up all the energy again. But these days, there is so much workload on people that they tend to work day and night without even sleeping.

Thus forcing your body to do extra work will disturb natural routine, ultimately your body will start showing signs of it. There are many more hazards of not giving your body proper rest such as dark spots below eyes.

But do not worry, today we have some very useful tips that will not only help you to recover but will also raise your skin beauty and fairness in just few days.

Chilled Orange Juice

One thing is for sure that proper nutrition is very necessary for anyone to stay fit. Orange juice has lots of vitamins in it, it helps your skin to become fairer and much more fresher than before by providing useful minerals to your body.

Vitamin A and C helps your body to fight dark spots and pigmentation. Just take 3 tbsp of orange juice and dip a small piece of cotton wool into it. Now dab it on your face for at-least 5 minutes, after 5 minutes wash your face with cold water and repeat this process for a week at-least.

Use Apple Cream

Apple has so many important energies in it that can help you to recover your skin fairness. AHA or Alpha hydroxy acid helps you to improve your skin color.

Just take peeled apple and soak it in milk for twenty minutes — now mix them gently until you see them converting into a cream. Once it emerges into a cream, put it into your deep freezer for 15 minutes.

After that take one tbsp of lemon juice and apply it on your face. Let the lemon juice stay on your face for 10 minutes, after that wash your face with water and massage your skin with ice cubes. After massaging, apply the cream on your face and let it stay on your skin for another 15 minutes.

Now wash your face with cold water, I will recommend to mix few drops of lemon juice into it. Follow these instructions for at-least seven days and you will see some meaningful change on your skin.

Dermal Fillers

If any of those home-made products doesn’t help your skin to become fairer, then you will need to consult with a skin specialist. Probably, they will advice you to buy dermal fillers like juvederm voluma. However, you should always consider some precautionary messures to prevent any harm from these fillers. I recommend to take services of a skin surgeon or a skin care specialist.

An All-Informative Guide to Dermal Fillers

Informative guide to dermal fillers

You might have heard about the new techniques that are evolving in order to look beautiful, smart, good looking or next to a super model in short.

A term that has evolved over time but is a level lower than the others with respect to cost and much modification is dermal fillers. Many people have heard about it but do not know what they are. Hence, here is a one-page guide for all your informative needs as we address all commonly asked especially if you are looking to buy dermal fillers.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are also known as soft tissue fillers, injectable fillers, injectable cosmetic fillers as well as injectable facial fillers. They come under the category of cosmetic treatments and are for the treatment of facial wrinkles, facial lines, near and under the eyes etc.

These fillers also have two types as to being temporary, permanent, natural or synthetic. The temporary ones get absorbed into the skin while more than one can be used depending on the situation of the person’s skin. Temporary ones have effects that last up to six months or longer but this solely depends on the health of the skin in addition to the doctor doing it and also the way it is done i.e. if the right type of filler is used for it.

Where Are They Used?

They are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and then prescribed to be used by a practicing doctor. However in places except for the USA, such as Europe and UK anyone can prescribe them and perform their application which only requires a CE mark. The CE mark signifies that the filler is injected according to standards and does not need any medical assistance.

How Do They Work?

They fill lines within thirty minutes and can last from 4 months to more than a year. Botox injections relax the muscle, fill the line with substances and spots disappear.

Who Uses Them?

It is mostly the ones who are too conscious or it is their profession through which they earn which is why it is a necessity for them. They need to have those dermal fillers or their treatments hence they buy dermal fillers so that it doesn’t affect their play. They are used to plump lips, add volume, enhance cheek shapes, filling dark circles, disappearing acne and scars etc.

What Effects Can They Have?

There are more than 140 dermal fillers and they can cause lumping, allergic reactions and sometimes permanent bumps. They can also give blue discoloration effects known as Tyndall Effects.

Where to Buy Them from?

You can buy dermal filler online through many places but the effects ask you to have an experienced doctor who does it for you and has lots of experience with the same type of filler.

Now that you know all about them, you can easily go and buy dermal fillers specific to your need and thanks us later when you love utilizing them.